Hours & Fees

Resolve Physiotherapy is an ACC registered health provider. This means you don’t need a doctor’s referral first we can put the claim in to ACC directly, and we can provide ACC part-funded treatments.

Clinic Hours

9:00am – 2.30pm, Monday Wednesday and Friday.
There is a toy box in the room so pre-schoolers are welcome!


Fees in the table are current from 1st August 2023.

Initial feeFollow up fee Follow up extended appts
(45min or 60min)
ACC $45$35$45 or $70
ACC CSC $40$30$40 or $50
Private $90$80
Private CSC$80$70
Breathing pattern assessment$120 (60 min)$85 (45 min)

What To Expect At A Session

  • Initial appointments are generally 40-45 minutes long and follow ups 25 minutes. If you have a longer term, complex or multiple problems an hour-long assessment can be booked on request (see table for extended consult fee)
  • A history will be taken of your current problem, and any relevant past injuries.
  • Charlotte will:
    • assess your problem and make a diagnosis
    • explore biomechanical and sport specific issues that may be barriers to recovery
    • perform posture and muscle balance analysis
    • educate you about the main issues and how to resolve them.
  • To help her clients achieve their goals Charlotte may use a combination of treatments:
    • ‘hands on techniques’: mobilisations, manipulation, muscle energy techniques and/or soft tissue massage
    • exercise prescription: stretches, strengthening or motor control/balance based
    • +/- extended rehabilitation programmes to achieve a return to sport as required
    • taping
    • Advice on foot wear and orthotics (or referral on to a podiatrist when indicated)
    • Charlotte can also refer you for investigations when needed (an x-ray or ultrasound), or to other health professionals for further management as required

For your own comfort please wear a singlet or low neck top if it is a neck problem or bring shorts if it is a back or lower limb problem tissue massage required.