Focussed Treatments

Charlotte prides herself in providing individualised targeted treatment and rehabilitation plans to help you recover faster.


If you have had an injury whether at work or at play you can come directly to Resolve physiotherapy for assessment and treatment. As a primary provider and registered with ACC we can complete and lodge your ACC claim form. To be covered you must have had an injury occur at a specific time with an external force involved.


If you have pain that has occurred slowly over time or maybe some arthritic pain it will not be covered by ACC. However physiotherapy can still help you to reduce and manage your pain and to optimise your function.

For an appointment or for further information

COVID Protection Framework (Orange)

Physiotherapists are required to see all clients regardless of vaccination status, therefore vaccine passports are not required. However, we do have some strict health and safety standards and procedures. This will continue to ensure the safety of all clients and our staff.

As the clinic is located at St Martins Medical Centre, we also follow their COVID guidelines.

Clinic Safety

  • Staff are fully vaccinated and continue to sanitise surfaces between clients
  • Pay-wave and online payments are available for contactless transactions
  • We keep up to date with all recommendations from the Ministry of Health, Physiotherapy Board and Physiotherapy New Zealand
  • A note for immunocompromised clients please let us know if you:
    • wish to wait in your car and bypass the waiting room
    • prefer an appointment first thing or a telehealth appt
  • Telehealth consultations can be arranged; advised reception and Charlotte will contact you to arrange either a phone or Zoom consultation

What we need from you

  • No walk in Physiotherapy appointments
  • You must cancel and rebook your appointment if you are unwell
  • Where possible come on your own unless a support person or parent/guardian is required (for those under 16)
    • Please inform reception if you are bringing a support person as they must also be screened for Covid symptoms
  • Please wear your mask at all times, unless you hold an exemption and if possible wear your mask exemption lanyard for staff to see
  • You will be screened for COVID-19 signs or symptoms on arrival and asked to leave if you are unwell
  • We have ample hand sanitiser available throughout our clinic, please use it.
  • If you do wish to wait in the car park and be collected from your car, let us know and this can be arranged